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St Michael's Church, Edvin Ralph
St Michael's Church,
east off B4214,
Edvin Ralph, Herefordshire.


This Church has (or had) a graveyard.

Note: any church within an urban environment may have had its graveyard closed after the Burial Act of 1853. Any new church built after that is unlikely to have had a graveyard at all.

Church History

This Place of Worship was founded in the 13th century, and we understand it is still open.

The following information about the Church has been provided to accompany the photographs on the right. A list of people who have supplied the information is included in the Acknowledgements, below.

[Image 2] The church is decorated with flowers and sheaves of corn for a forthcoming Harvest Festival. Note the arched recesses on the left (north) wall of the Chancel, with the strange carved heads at their apex. It is believed the stone effigies now resting on the floor against the west wall (under the tower) would have once occupied them - Pevsner calls it disgraceful that they were moved! The effigies are of members of the Edefin family, dating back to the 13th century.

The last mention of a Zeddefen (or Edefin) was Ralph, on 6th November 1361, when he was presented with the Benefice. He appears to have been the last of his line.[1]

[Image 3] Looking towards the west end of the church, and bell tower, where 13th century effigies of the Zeddefen (Edefen) family rest on the floor against the west wall, and monuments, mainly to the BURWELL family occupy the walls.

Below is a list of (most) of the Inscriptions (I omitted one from my photo collection).

Near this place
are deposited the remains of
of Elizabeth INGRAM
Wife of the Rev. JA INGRAM
Rector of this Parish,
and daughter of Mr. Ed: BURWALL
of Butterley Court
She died Nov:r 16: 1784 in 36th Year
of her age.
Leaving behind her two dear Infants
and a disconsolate husband
To lament their early loss
of the tenderest of Mothers
and the most Affectionate of Wives.
Aoripe / Cara uxor haec nostri monumenta doloris

In Memory of
Edward BURWALL of Butterley Gent.
he died Feb 27? 1800(?)
in the 80th year of his age
most lamented by his family and friends
He was (ceaseless?), charitable and humane,
regular in the discharge of his religious duties
and a (domitant?) friend of the Poor
Reader go and do thou likewise
Melborough his Relict
died Nov 11, 1803
Aged 83.

Jane daughter of
and Milborough his wife
departed this life
Aug 6 1800 / Aged 12

Here lies the Body of / ??? INGRAM
50 years Rector of this Parish
He died July 7th 1815, aged 74 years
A man of dear and sound judgement an unwearied promoter of the public good
a kind master and friendly neighbour of a quick and strong ??? of piety
and one of the best of parents.
His two daughters Milborough the wife of
Edmund PATESHALL Esquire of Allensmore
and Frances Elizabeth the wife of
Dansey Richard DANSEY Esquire of Easton Court,
both of this County
raise this tribute of their affection and regret
to his memory

Elsewhere, on the wall of the nave:

To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of
Albert James POWELL.
Herefordshire Regiment.
The dearly loved second son of Edwin and Mary POWELL
of The Pound Farm. Edwyn Ralph.
who gave his life for his country at Bullecourt, France
and was buried at Etaples on December 6th. 1917.
aged 26 years
“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man
lay down his life for his friends.”[1]

[Image 4] Inside the (probably 19th century ) porch is an original Norman doorway, with a stoup on the right, for those entering the church to dip their fingers into its contents of holy water.[1]

[Image 5] On the south east wall of the Chancel is this delightful Stained Glass Window to the memory of the Reverend Edward Leonard CHILDE-FREEMAN, M.A., who was Rector of the parishes of Edvin Ralph and Collington for 51 years. He died, whilst still in office, on 29th July 1933, and is buried in the churchyard below the East Window.

His widow, having left the Rectory, died in Bournemouth on 22nd February 1935, and is buried beside her husband.

It is a two-light window, with figures depicting Our Lady, to whom Collington Church is dedicated, and the Archangel St Michael, to whom Edvin Ralph Church is dedicated.[1]

[Image 6] Edvin Ralph's original funeral bier was solid oak, and very heavy to carry shoulder-high, even without a coffin, but in 1930 it was decided a wheeled one was called for, and the above was purchased at a cost of £250. Mr Eddie POWELL of Pound Farm was the first to be carried on it, the last being was Mr Leonard POWELL in 1989.[1]

[Image 7] Unfortunately, I cannot read the inscription from my photo, but the guide leaflet tells us the memorial is to James and Dorothy PYTT, and dated 1625. They had been married 42 years.[1]

[Image 8] This is one of several memorials to the BURWELL family, on the walls at the base of the bell tower. The Inscription, so far as I can decipher, reads:

Beneath this Place
lie interred the Bodies / of
Thomas BURWALL late of Butterley
Anne his Wife
and Edward their Son.
Anne died August ye 18th [1699]
Thomas died Novembr. ye 6th 1699
Edward November the 9th [1699]
Near this also lie the Bodies of
Thomas Son of ye sd. Thomas BURWALL
and of Mary and Jane his Daughters
by Mary his Wife.
Mary died Novembr. ye 15th A.D. 1714
Thomas January ye 13th A.D. 1727
and Jane July ye 27th A.D. 1732

According to the guide book, the tablet contains more inscriptions, ending with the last, Peggy BURWELL who died in 1835 aged 70; however as you can see the bottom, more recent part of the memorial is eroded, and unfortunately I was unable to read more than the above from my photo.

Directly above the tablet is a memorial to the Revd. David EVANS, which reads:

Near this place are interr'd
the remains of
the Revd. David EVANS.
Fifty Four Years Curate
of this Parish.
He departed this life
the 3rd. day of July 1834
aged 79.[1]


Now or formerly Church of England.

If more than one congregation has worshipped here, or its congregation has united with others, in most cases this will record its original dedication.


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A special thanks to the following people who have contributed information for this web page:

1. Information provided by Rosemary Lockie.

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