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St Mary's Church, Fownhope
St Mary's Church,
B4224 / Capler Lane,
Fownhope, Herefordshire.


This Church has (or had) a graveyard.

Note: any church within an urban environment may have had its graveyard closed after the Burial Act of 1853. Any new church built after that is unlikely to have had a graveyard at all.

Church History

This Place of Worship was founded in the 12th century, and we understand it is still open.

The following information about the Church has been provided to accompany the photographs on the right. A list of people who have supplied the information is included in the Acknowledgements, below.

[Image 2] The East Window from inside Fownhope Church is arguably its most spectacular feature, although this photograph scarcely does it justice! The light coming in from outside creates a shimmering effect on the surrounding stonework, and it seems to glow. The window itself dates from the rebuilding of the Chancel in the 13th century and the design incorporates fragments of 14th century glass.[1]

[Image 3] The Inscription says:

In Memory of
The Men and Women of Herefordshire
who lost their lives while serving in
South East Asia
During the Second World War 1939-1945
When you go home tell them of us and say
For your Tomorrow We gave our Today[1]

[Image 4] Fownhope is a large church, with the south wall of the South Aisle containing some interesting items, which include the ‘Heart of Oak’ Friendly Society Banner, seen on this photograph to the left side of the first arch, a needlework picture (4 feet in length) of Leonardo's painting ‘The Last Supper’, embroidered by the wife of a 19th century Vicar, Mrs Munsey, a commemorative collage for the Millennium created by members of the Womens' Institute, and Fownhope Roll of Honour - names of the men of the parish who served in the Great War, 1914-1919.[1]

Addis, W.J.
Brookes, F.G.
Higgins, P.C.
Jones, C.
Jones, T.
Morgan, J.
Packnell, W.J.
Wellington, J. (M.M)
Goode, W.T.
Mason, H.
Powell, E.
Taysom, E.

Alford, R.
Alford, L.
Biggs, G.
Biggs, R.
Brown, A.
Brown, G.
Brown, H.
Brown, J.
Brown, W.
Brookes, J.
Clarke, A.
Colegate, C.
Davis, J.
Fowler, J.P.
Fowler, L.W.J.
Gange, C.
Gange, E.R.
Godsell, A.
Godsell, D.
Godsell, F.E.
Goode, C.
Goode, F.
Haines, A.
Haines, A.
Haines, E.
Harding, A.
Harding, G.
Harding, J.
Harding, W.
Hardwick, S.
Hoskins, A.
Jauncey, H.
Jenkins, S.C.
Jones, A.
Jones, D.
Jones, E.
Jones, H.
Jones, T.
Lechmere, E.S.
Lechmere, R.T.
Mason, F. (M.M)
Morgan, A.W.
Morgan, E.
Morris, H.
Nott, F.T.
Parry, C.A.
Parry, E.
Parry, J.
Pembroke, F.E. (M.S.M)
Pocknell, A.
Pocknell, C.
Pocknell, J.
Powell, C.
Prosser, W.A.
Rae, A.J.
Roberts, C.
Rowberry, H.
Skyrme, A.E.
Spencer, G.F.W.
Stone, H.
Stone, J.
Stone, T.
Tanner, R.B.
Terry, G.
Tyler, W.J.
Tyler, W.
Waite, C.
Wallis, G.
Walters, C.
Watkins, D.
Watkins, G. (M.M)
Welling, M.
Wellling, W.T.
Williams, J.
Winter, J.

[Image 5] The ‘Heart of Oak’ Friendly Society was established in 1876, and according to the guide leaflet a revival of an older Amicable Society founded in 1791. It existed to provided sickness and death benefits for its members. It is now ‘laid up’ in the church, but in the past, the banner would be carried on ceremonial occasions, the main one being the Annual Club Day Walk, held originally on Oak Apple Day (May 29th), then on a Public Holiday.[1]

[Image 6] A comment on Fownhope's history at the centre of a wool-producing region... Or perhaps just some cute sheep made for Easter?[1]

[Image 7] The Inscription reads:

The Churchyard Cross was restored to
The / Glory of God and in
Grateful Memory of the Men of
This Parish who gave their Lives in the
Great War
1914       1919

William John ADDIS.
Frederick George BROOKES.
William Thomas GOODE.
Percy Charles HIGGINS.
Charles JONES.
Thomas JONES.
Harold MASON.
William James POCKNELL.
Ernest POWELL.

Their Name Liveth For Evermore.[1]

[Image 8] The Inscription reads:

In / Proud / And Grateful /
Memory of the / Men of Fownhope
Who laid down their Lives
for their Country in the /
Cause of Freedom
1939 - 1945
David BIGGS. Thomas BIGGS.
Richard DANE.
Cuthbert GODSELL.
Stanley PRINCE.[1]

[Image 9] Said to be one of the finest examples of a 12th Century Norman Tympanum in the country, this stone was formerly a decorative lintel over the main door into the church. Carvings represent (in the centre) the Virgin and Child, on the left side of which is an Eagle, and on the other a Winged Lion, symbols for St John and St Luke's Gospels. A Vine wraps itself around both Gospel symbols, and some grapes are visible on the left corner.[1]


Now or formerly Church of England.

If more than one congregation has worshipped here, or its congregation has united with others, in most cases this will record its original dedication.


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A special thanks to the following people who have contributed information for this web page:

1. Information provided by Rosemary Lockie.

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